WeASeL 2018
Optimizing Human Learning

Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop eliciting Adaptive Sequences for Learning co-located with the 14th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS 2018)

Montréal, Canada, June 12th, 2018.

Edited by

Fabrice Popineau, CentraleSupélec, France
Michal Valko, Inria Lille, France
Jill-Jênn Vie, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, Japan


Tuesday 12 June 2018

The proceedings of WeASeL 2018 are also available on this page, starting page 141.
Time Event
8:45 AM Welcome and Introduction
9:00 AM Keynote: Optimizing Human Language Learning [html] [slides]
Masato Hagiwara, Duolingo
10:00 AM An Adaptive Tutor to Promote Learners’ Skills Acquisition during Procedural Learning [slides]
Joanna Taoum, Anaïs Raison, Elisabetta Bevacqua, Ronan Querrec
10:30 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM SARLR: Self-adaptive Recommendation of Learning Resources [slides]
Liping Liu, Wenjun Wu, Jiankun Huang
11:30 AM Open Discussion
12:00 AM Lunch Break
1:30 PM Keynote: Where’s the Reward? A Review of Reinforcement Learning for Instructional Sequencing [slides]
Shayan Doroudi, Carnegie Mellon University
2:30 PM Optimizing Recommendation in Collaborative E-Learning by Exploring DBpedia and Association Rules [slides]
Samia Beldjoudi, Hassina Seridi
3:00 PM Coffee Break
3:30 PM Tutorial: Knowledge Tracing Machines: towards an unification of DKT, IRT & PFA [pdf] [code] [slides]
Jill-Jênn Vie, RIKEN AIP
4:30 PM Closing Discussion
5:00 PM End of Workshop

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